Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Official video for the second single from Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s third album “Crown and Treaty” (“A stone masterpiece” - Mojo)

The total budget was in the region of £85 (the cost of sandwiches, chocolate and Coca-Cola from the petrol station on the way to the location) but the time and enthusiasm granted to us by Lisa Faulkner and by the location, RAF Uxbridge, was beyond measure.

Crown and Treaty is available from the iTunes store here: bit.ly/JLRxdq and at Amazon here: amzn.to/LEd2xM

We’re handing these out at the Borderline show on 6th Feb.

We’re handing these out at the Borderline show on 6th Feb.

SBP To perform intimate acoustic show at Black’s in London

SBP will be performing an intimate acoustic set at “Blacks” on Dean Street in Soho on the 19th March 2012 at 8.30pm. This is a GUEST LIST ONLY event. The first 20 people to e-mail sweetbillymanager at gmail.com will be able to get in.

This is an event put together by: http://www.facebook.com/

Best song of 2010 - no contest.


We’re now officially on Ping in iTunes….so come and find us.

You can follow my dubious music choices , and see if you can work out why we’re making a big shiny pop record about dark things happening in woodland areas. #sbpalbum3

Photos of Tim (Sweet Billy Pilgrim) touring with St/eve Jansen in 2006

Tim performed with Steve Jansen in Japan in 2006. Some great photos here…

#sbp #steve jansen #sweetbillypilgrim


Recording is a very serious business. #sbpalbum3 #sbp